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Smokeless Tobacco Is Still Harmful For Your Health

By: Dr. Jed Jacobson, D.D.S., M.S., M.P.H. Cigarette smoking continues to decline in about half of American states, according to the United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, but in some states smokeless tobacco usage may have taken its place. Many believe that smokeless tobacco is a safer alternative to smoking cigarettes, but smokeless…

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Renaissance Distributes 10,000 Mouth Guards To New Jersey YMCAs

More than 3 million teeth will be knocked out this year at youth sporting events. The sad reality is most kids do not take the proper precautions when it comes to protecting their mouths. That’s why Renaissance Dental, a leading ancillary insurance carrier of customizable dental and vision plans, has stepped up to make sure…

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How Dental Insurance Is Key In Detecting And Preventing Disease

Millions of baby boomers set for retirement are facing the question of whether to buy dental insurance. In many cases, they’ve had dental insurance their entire working lives, thanks to employer-sponsored plans. But teeth are not immune to aging, and many people will find themselves paying for costly procedures like crown replacements, extractions, implants and…

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The Evolution Of Private Exchanges

By: Tom Dimmer, Vice President Business Development, Individual Markets & Exchanges The Value Meal Is Coming Since the beginning of private exchanges people have been asked to buy insurance à la carte. You want medical? Go here. You want dental? Go there. For vision, try this. Today, consumers are demanding an easier process, and Renaissance…

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The Evolution Of The ACA

By: Tom Dimmer, Vice President Business Development, Individual Markets & Exchanges The Affordable Care Act has seemingly been in a constant state of flux since the day it was introduced. But there may finally be some stability with the law thanks to the Supreme Court’s decision in late June. The decision authorizes federal tax credits…

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Diabetes And Your Dentist

By: Dr. Jed Jacobson, D.D.S., M.S., M.P.H. Of the 30 million Americans living with diabetes today, more than 8 million don’t even know they have it. The numbers are even higher for seniors; 25 percent of them are dealing with the effects of diabetes according to the American Diabetes Association. You might be surprised to…

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