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Part 4: The Visionary Spirit That Paid Off For Renaissance

By: Rob Mulligan, CEO & President of Renaissance In part four of our six-part entrepreneurial leadership series, Rob Mulligan explains how the visionary spirit of Renaissance has paid off. Renaissance has been at the forefront of changes to the insurance industry since the company was founded. As a company born in the private exchanges we are fortunate to have the experience needed to bypass the initial growing pains that many carriers are facing as they navigate the ACA and mandated exchange markets for the first time. Our strength is that we’ve been working in exchanges since before they were mainstream. Renaissance saw the opportunity when exchanges were still in their infancy, and despite the uncertainty of the new market, we felt our individual product knowledge was strong and nimble enough to take the risk. We’ve shown we’re not afraid to think outside the box when it comes to figuring out the best ways to serve our customers and the brokers we work with. Because of that, some will see us as a risk-taker, but I can assure you everything we do is strategic and well thought out. The decision to work in exchanges before they were law was not an easy one. But our forward-thinking approach has paid off for Renaissance. Because this company was willing to take a chance on exchanges, we are one of the few dental providers licensed to sell group and individual policies in all 50 states. Our deep knowledge of the individual dental space has also led to a successful track record of securing partnerships with the largest private exchange platforms across the U.S. Combined with our nationwide footprint, our vast experience in both private and public exchanges has allowed us to continually provide best-in-class services by staying ahead of marketplace changes. The mentality of this company has always been that of an underdog looking for a bigger helping of kibble. It’s that mentality that will move Renaissance forward as the healthcare industry continues to evolve.