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At Renaissance, we know providing innovative health care options means having intuitive online tools. The RenMemberPortal gives you easy access to benefits information anytime, anywhere.

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Reasons to love RenMemberPortal:

  • Eligibility: Check current eligibility for you and your family. Review specific benefits, and find a dentist or eye doctor in the Renaissance nationwide PPO network.
  • Up-to-Date Benefit Information: Find out how much of your yearly benefit has been used, how much is still available, and what level of coverage you have for specific services.
  • Claim Information: Review claims transactions, reimbursements, payments and pre-treatment estimates
  • Make Payments: Make payments and review payment information
  • Summary of Benefits: One resource that outlines your entire benefits package.
  • ID Cards: Print a copy of your ID Card that you can give to your dentist. While ID Cards are not always required and do not verify eligibility, some dental offices like to keep a copy on file.
  • Manage Your Preferences: Use the RenMemberPortal to manage billing preferences and plan renewal.

If you’re a member of an individual plan, use the RenMemberPortal to manage and explore your benefits.