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Understanding Your Benefits

Take advantage of all your Renaissance plan has to offer. Our Understanding Your Benefits page will show you how.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Renaissance does not mail EOB statements when services are covered at 100% and the patient owes nothing. These statements are, however, available to view and print on MyRenBenefits.

Information for dependents over age 17 must be obtained via phone.

Ask your dentist to submit a request for a pre-treatment estimate. Learn more about pre-treatment estimates.

Yes. To view your benefits and claims log in to MyRenBenefits.

The benefit period maximum is the maximum dollar amount Renaissance will pay for covered dental services in the benefit period. Once an individual has reached the benefit period maximum, no further payments will be made by Renaissance until the next benefit period.

An individual and family deductible is the out-of-pocket amount a person and/or family must pay toward covered services (if any) before Renaissance begins paying for services. The amount of the deductible varies depending on the plan you select.

A waiting period is the length of time an individual is required to wait until they are eligible for coverage for certain dental procedures. The waiting period begins on the effective date of coverage for dental benefits. The date of eligibility is the date you are eligible to receive benefits, or signals the end of the waiting period.

You are free to choose any licensed dentist; however, you may save more money by visiting a dentist that participates with one of our network partners. To find participating dentists go to Find A Dentist.

  • General dentists provide a full range of services for the entire family. They will monitor your overall oral health and help identify areas in need of treatment.
  • Endodontists specialize in diseases of the nerve of the tooth, performing procedures such as root canals.
  • Oral Surgeons specialize in removing impacted teeth and repairing fractures of the jaw and other damage to the bone structure around the mouth.
  • Orthodontists correct misaligned teeth and jaws, often by applying braces.
  • Pediatric dentists generally limit their practices to treating children and teens.
  • Periodontists specialize in treating diseases of the gums.
  • Prosthodontists generally specialize in replacing missing or damaged natural teeth with prosthetics like bridges, crowns and dentures.

Participating dentists will submit your claim for you. However, if you choose a non-participating dentist, you or your dentist should send a claim to:

Renaissance Dental
PO Box 17250
Indianapolis, IN 46217
Attn: Claims Department

Yes. Once your coverage becomes effective, you should either tell your dentist you have Renaissance coverage and show your ID card at the time of service.

To print an ID Card, log in to MyRenBenefits.

In most cases, your member ID number is your social security number. If your company has requested alternate ID numbers, this number will be printed on an ID card that you should have received in the mail. Your dentist will need this number to submit claim forms.

To determine which plan you have, you should check your Certificate of Coverage, or log in to MyRenBenefits.

you will create a user name and password that provides access to your account. Begin your login registration with MyRenBenefits.