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Renaissance Research and Data Institute

The Renaissance Research and Data Institute examines data and scientific findings to bring our members exceptional coverage that improves their health while maximizing benefit dollars.

Established in 2005, the Research and Data Institute drives innovation for improving our products and services. Through the Institute, our staff of actuaries, statisticians, epidemiologists, economists and dentists work together to analyze data necessary to update our plan designs. We also partner with researchers from some of the nation’s leading universities to closely monitor advances in science and examine treatment outcomes, trends, and other research.

The resources of the Institute, coupled with our extensive data collection, help us provide our customers with new benefits that promote the link between oral and overall health and cost-savings.

Oral and Overall Health are Connected

As research continues to validate the link between oral and overall health, we’ve made evaluating related scientific evidence a major priority of our Research and Data Institute. Doing so provides the basis for determining what changes in benefit options will have the greatest potential to improve health and reduce both dental and medical costs.

Unparalleled Data Collection, Unmatched Capabilities, Unrivaled Savings

The amount of dental health data our Institute has collected over more than 60 years is comparable in size to the entire printed content of the U.S. Library of Congress. Also, since we’ve retained many of our large customer groups for decades, we have the capability to track enrollees over extended periods of time. This yields valuable insights into oral health status and treatment patterns that we report in research articles published in juried professional journals.

These capabilities have helped us improve business processes to make them more efficient and cost-effective for our customers and enrollees. For example, we use InFocus, our industry-leading data mining tool, to review dental claims data and identify dentists with unusual practice patterns.

Our unique combination of scientific processes, sophisticated technology and expert staff results in a cost and quality assurance program that’s unrivaled in the industry.