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Don’t Forget The Most Important Gift This Season: Your Health

While you’re finishing your holiday shopping this season don’t forget to include dental coverage for 2016. With only one month of open enrollment left, Renaissance Dental, a leading ancillary insurance carrier of customizable dental and vision plans, wants to remind everyone about the importance of oral health and the effect it has on your entire body and wallets. “Dental is a benefit that no one should skip out on. Oral health is extremely important because it is the gateway to the rest of the body,” said Dr. Jed Jacobson, chief science officer for Renaissance. “Preventative dental care can reduce the occurrence of more costly dental issues, and possibly uncover health problems that could be more costly in the long run.” Dentists can detect more than 120 signs and symptoms of non-dental diseases; including whether or not one could be at risk for certain respiratory, heart or kidney disorders. By visiting a dentist, you’re not just ensuring a healthy mouth but a healthy body. “During routine exams, dentists are looking for more than cavities and gum disease. Dentists search for clues that lead to more serious health issues,” said Jacobson. “That’s why having coverage that includes preventative appointments is crucial for overall wellness.” Many diseases, including heart disease, have oral manifestations. That means if something is wrong in the mouth, it’s possible something could be wrong elsewhere too. For instance, dry mouth and tooth decay could be a signs of diabetes. Jaw pain could be associated with heart disease. And, people with gum disease are twice as likely to have heart disease, and are at an increased risk of having a stroke. “At Renaissance, we strive to educate the public on the importance of oral health while providing them with exceptional dental coverage,” says CEO, Rob Mulligan. “Our plans make it possible for any individual to have coverage to keep their mouth, and the rest of their bodies healthy, while keeping overall health care costs down.” Renaissance Dental products are available in all 50 states.