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Renaissance Family Foundation Partners With Metro Relief To Give Essential Care Products And Aid To Homeless

The Renaissance Family Foundation (RFF), an affiliate of Renaissance Dental, announced it will offer two-fold support of Metro Relief in its efforts to help the homeless in the Dallas-Ft. Worth metro area. RFF will donate 12,000 personal care kits for distribution to those in need throughout the coming year. In addition, it will sponsor the first annual Metro Relief Topgolf Tournament fundraising event in The Colony, Texas, on Thursday, October 12. “We’re delighted to partner with Metro Relief to help them improve the overall health and well-being of Dallas area homeless and low-income residents,” said Robert P. Mulligan, President and Chief Executive Officer of Renaissance Dental. “Because oral health can be a significant issue for those in poverty, and it is essential to good general health, we feel it is especially important to support these efforts.” Through its Bus Outreach program that travels throughout the community, Metro Relief will distribute 1,000 personal care kits every month. Each kit includes toothbrush, toothpaste, mouthwash, shampoo, body wash, shave cream, razor and hand sanitizer. “Metro Relief strives to provide life-affirming interaction in every service we offer, from giving of new socks and homemade soup to delivering necessities that many take for granted,” said Jason Kelley, Metro Relief DFW Executive Director. “Being able to clean and care for your body is a matter of basic human dignity. By donating a year’s worth of hygiene kits to Metro Relief, Renaissance fosters both the physical health and the self-respect of the homeless people we serve.” The social impact of poor oral health is devastating, with pain and suffering due to untreated diseases leading to eating and speaking difficulties. “Our hope is by providing dental and personal care supplies to those in need, we will help promote better oral health and encourage other corporations to support similar efforts that uplift communities by supporting those in need,” said Mulligan.