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Passport Dental

Renaissance has always made it easy for members to receive dental care here in the United States. Our Passport Dental™ program makes it easy to receive dental care almost everywhere in the world!

With Passport Dental, Renaissance members can receive expert dental care when they are outside of the United States through AXA Assistance worldwide referral network of dentists and dental clinics.

How To Find A Dentist

When outside of the United States, call AXA Assistance collect at 312-356-5972 to receive a referral through an English-speaking operator. The operators are available 24/7. Members must identify themselves as Renaissance members when they call. When inside the United States, call AXA Assistance at 888-558-2706.

Dental Services Covered

Most Renaissance members can receive dental treatment for both non-emergency and emergency care through Passport Dental™, according tot he terms of their existing Renaissance coverage.

However, it is important to note that dentists referred by AXA Assistance are not Renaissance participating dentists. Members who are covered under any Renaissance program that limits their coverage when they see a non-participating dentist will also have limited coverage when they see a dentist referred by AXA Assistance.

How To Submit A Claim

When services are provided by dentists in the AXA Assistance referral network, members must pay for their treatment and get a detailed receipt so they can submit a claim to Renaissance for reimbursement when they return to the United States. Receipts should include the dentist’s name and address (including country), a description of the services performed (including what tooth and/or teeth were treated), and the charges (in U.S. dollars or local currency).

Once claims are submitted to Renaissance, members will be reimbursed according to the terms and conditions of their existing Renaissance coverage. In most cases, that means both emergency and routine treatment will be covered.