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Part 2: Trusting The Vision

By: Rob Mulligan, CEO & President of Renaissance In part two of our six-part entrepreneurial leadership series, Rob Mulligan underscores the trust that enables Renaissance to thrive. Renaissance has grown to become a real competitor in the ancillary insurance world. Our recent “A” rating from AM Best speaks to our product diversity that has led to growth and success for the company. Our success is thanks to people at all levels of Renaissance. As the chief executive officer, I am responsible for being the face of the company. It’s the people who work with me who make sure our vision is implemented. I trust the people who work with me. Not every CEO can say that. It’s that trust that sets Renaissance apart as we navigate the changing waters of today’s insurance landscape. One of the keys to creating a company, like Renaissance, that works cohesively is having a team of leaders who buy into the vision. I’ve worked for some of the biggest insurance providers in the country. I’ve seen workplace cultures both good and bad. You learn a lot from those experiences. One thing I have learned is that trust in your employees makes all the difference. At Renaissance we have a workplace where people work toward a goal that will help the entire company succeed. Part of our success is finding talent that is both interesting and open to new ideas. It’s that combination that will help Renaissance continue to grow and change as the insurance industry does the same.