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Part 1: The Vision Of Renaissance

By: Rob Mulligan, CEO & President of Renaissance In part one our six-part entrepreneurial leadership series, Rob Mulligan explains how crafting and living a vision creates a foundation for success. Leadership starts first and foremost with creating the vision for the company. As the CEO of Renaissance Dental, I am the primary representative of the path our company will follow for years to come. It’s not entirely my vision, but I need to be the person who buys into it, crafts it and can present it as the face of our company. For me, being the architect and the steward of the company’s goals is about being the team coach. I have to make sure I’m pulling together the right blend of leaders in all the different areas of our company. It’s up to the leaders who work below me to make sure the vision we set is executed. Just like the coach of a sports team, I am responsible for making sure my team sticks to the plan, buys into it and works cohesively to execute it. As the leader of the Renaissance team, it’s my job to help the other leaders in our company do their part. That means making sure I eliminate any obstacles or interference that could get in the way of the plan we set. Having employees who believe in the vision set at the top will help to define the culture that goes along with it. Creating that successful internal culture is what helps people execute on the goals of the company. If I can create that culture and we can execute the strategy as a team, Renaissance will succeed in being the best company it can be.