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Renaissance Group Life & Disability Insurance

Renaissance knows how important it is to keep your employees and their families protected. We provide peace of mind with group life and disability products that complement our dental and vision solutions. Adding this coverage is seamless with a unified bill and great service and support to help employees manage benefit information.

Life & Disability Products

Having the right coverage can make these difficult times easier to manage.

Life & Accidental Death and Dismemberment

All Life products are bundled with value-added services of our Renaissance Life Assist, including; Travel Assist, Identity Theft Resolution Assistance, and Beneficiary Companion Assistance. Easy financial protection for employees and their families for when they need it most.

  • Options for employer-paid or plans partially paid by employees.
  • Optional dependent life, including child live birth to age 26
  • Domestic Partner coverage.1
  • Supplemental employee-paid life with optional dependent coverage available.
  • Retiree coverage will be considered on groups of at least 25 active employees.
  • Waiver of premium elimination period of 6 or 9 months.
  • Accelerated Death Benefit for terminal illness (Living Benefit).
  • Conversion and portability available to employee and dependents.

1Subject to state law and Underwriting

  • Options for an employer paid plan or a plan partially paid by employees.
  • Base Benefits: Loss of life, seat belt, and airbag.
  • Optional Enhanced benefits for:
    • Quadriplegia
    • Paraplegia
    • Hemiplegia
    • Triplegia
    • Uniplegia
    • Loss of Hand/Foot/Sight
    • Loss of Speech and Hearing
    • Spouse Training
    • Child Education
    • Repatriation
    • Child Care Expense
    • Common Carrier Hazard
    • Coma
  • Between $50,000 and $500,000, depending on the number of covered employees and total adjusted volume.
  • Larger amounts are available depending on case specifics and evidence of insurability satisfactory to the underwriter.
  • Supplemental amounts depend upon plan design, the number of eligible employees and participation level.
  • Spouse from $2,000 to $25,000
  • Child from $500 to $10,000

Short Term Disability

Don’t lose your best talent because of an injury. We offer Short Term Disability coverage to temporarily provide a percentage of an employee’s wages if they’re unable to work due to a non-occupational illness or accidental injury.

  • Weekly Income Replacement Choices: 70%, 66 2/3%, 60%, 50%, 40% or flat dollar amount
  • Elimination Period Options: Zero to 60 days including to the end of accumulated sick leave.
  • Benefit Duration Options: 9-104 weeks2
  • Optional Benefits Such as:
    • First Day Hospital Benefit
    • No offset for State Disability Plans
    • Partial Disability Benefit
    • Pre-Existing Condition Limitation
    • Rehabilitation Benefit
    • Voluntary Plans
    • Work Incentive Benefit
    • 24 Hour Occupational Benefits

2Benefits paid beyond 26 weeks integrate with Social Security.

Long Term Disability

We offer your employees financial security in the event of a serious and prolonged disability. Providing employees with peace of mind coverage is an easy choice when you have Group Long Term Disability coverage.

  • Monthly Income Replacement Choices: 66 2/3%3, 60% or 50% (with partial/residual standard)
  • FICA Match Benefit
  • Rehabilitation Benefit
  • Workplace Modification Benefit
  • Early Intervention Services
  • Social Security Assistance
  • Optional Benefits Such as:
    • Accidental Dismemberment and Loss of Sight Benefit
    • Accumulation of Elimination Period (2X EP) Benefit
    • Terminal Illness Benefit
    • Revenue Income Protection Benefit
    • COLA Benefit
    • Education Expense Benefit
    • Recovery Income Benefit
    • Family Member Care Expense Benefit3
    • Infectious and Contagious Disease Benefit3
    • Medical or COBRA Premium Disability Benefit
    • 401(K) Plan Contribution Benefit
    • Special Conditions Limitation3
    • Catastrophic Disability (ADL) Benefit
    • Student Loan Repayment Benefit

3Not available on all cases

Voluntary Term Life

Group Voluntary Term Life Insurance meets today’s need for employee choice, plan portability and minimal employer administration with no employer contribution required. Standard plans include increments of $10,000 or a choice of multiples of annual earnings. Additional plans may be available subject to Home Office underwriting approval. All Life products are bundled with value-added services of our Renaissance Life Assist, including; Travel Assist, Identity Theft Resolution Assistance, and Beneficiary Companion Assistance.

  • Employee maximum available up to $500,000.
  • Guaranteed issue depends upon the number of eligible employees, the participation level, and the age of the enrollee.
  • Optional AD&D
  • Waiver of premium is included. For an employee who is totally disabled prior to age 60, coverage may continue to age 65. If premium is waived for an employee, then it is also waived for his or her spouse and children.
  • Spouse coverage available not to exceed 50% of employee amount. Child coverage available. • Participation requirements are the greater of 20% of eligible employees or 10 enrolled employees (special state requirements may apply).
  • Portability of coverage is available to an employee whose employment is terminated for any reason (including retirement) other than illness or injury. Spouse and child coverage is also portable if covered when employee terminates (may not be available in all states), but only if the employee elects portability for himself or herself.
  • Rates are unisex in five year bands.
  • This product is not available in all states.


Renaissance Life Assist

A collection of value-added, non-insurance services that offer assistance with many of life’s challenges. Bundled with our life insurance, these services are a great way for employer groups to enhance their life insurance benefit. The Renaissance Life Assist services bundle provides expert assistance to employees and their families where they may be most vulnerable.

  • Travel Assistance
  • Identity Theft Resolution Assistance
  • Beneficiary Companion Assistance

Voluntary Disability Short-Term & Long-Term Disability

We make it easy for employers to customize coverage with our Group Voluntary Disability plans. Employees can then choose options that fit their needs and budget. Automatic payroll deductions combined with options for short-term and/or long term benefits make these voluntary plans seamless and convenient.

Group Voluntary Short-Term Disability:
Coverage protects employees against a short-term sickness or injury by providing weekly benefits equal to a portion of an employee’s weekly earnings (either 50% or 60%, as pre-selected by the employer). Pregnancy is treated as any other sickness. In addition, our Group Voluntary Short-Term Disability plan is an ideal fit for employers already providing state mandated disability coverage, allowing employees an opportunity to purchase additional valuable coverage that would not be available otherwise.

Group Voluntary Long-Term Disability:
Coverage takes over when short-term benefits end, providing income replacement for a longer disability that continues beyond three to six months. Monthly benefits are again equal to a portion of the employee’s monthly earnings (either 50% or 60%, as pre-selected by the employer).