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Annual Max Extender

Adding the Diagnostic & Preventive Annual Max Extender – for services such as cleanings and exams – and those services won’t count toward the annual maximum, allowing your clients to use their annual max on other services and procedures.

Your clients will be able to take advantage of a variety of services, which may include exams, cleanings, fluoride treatments, diagnostic x-rays, and more, without compromising their annual maximum.

Stretch Your Annual Max Even Further

For example, let’s say a plan has a $1,000 annual maximum including two cleanings per year. The average annual cost for traditional Diagnostic & Preventive services is $288.¹

2 exams +

2 cleanings +

1 set of X-rays

= $288





If these services counted toward a $1,000 annual max, only $712 would remain. However, the Diagnostic & Preventive Annual Max Extender means the full $1,000 annual maximum is still available for the year! It’s like having an annual max of $1,288!

¹Renaissance 2017 internal data calculating average costs of two exams, two cleanings and one set of bitewing x-rays

Note: Products and services not available in all states and jurisdictions. Contact your Renaissance representative for more details.