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COVID-19 Resource Center For Renaissance Employees

Site Updated: 4:15 pm 8/13/2021

The information on this page is meant for internal use by Renaissance employees.

View the most recent Status Update below for an update video from CEO Rob Mulligan.

Note: We’ve added information regarding COVID-19 Email Phishing scams. Cyber attackers and scammers are taking the pandemic as an opportunity to send fraudulent and malicious emails. Learn more in the Using Your Renaissance Equipment section below.

Renaissance employees can use our online resource center regarding COVID-19 to review updated employee policies, work information, and news. If you have any questions, visit Radar, contact your supervisor, or email HR:

Check out the sections below for additional resources and information:


Due to the increase in COVID-19 cases over the last few weeks, the decision has been made to update the initial return to the office date:

We no longer have Tuesday, Sept. 7th as a return to work date. We will continue to remain on a work-from-home status indefinitely.

-The senior leadership team will continue to monitor the situation and provide necessary updates.

-We encourage employees that have not received the vaccine to discuss their options and concerns with their doctor.

Check out Rob’s latest announcement below:

  • Business travel should take place only for business-critical activities. Nonessential business travel should be reconsidered and deferred. This includes travel by all forms of transportation.
  • All business travel needs to be evaluated by your department’s vice president to determine if it is business-critical.
  • All guest visits to our Renaissance buildings need to be evaluated by your department’s vice president to determine if the in-person visit is necessary.
  • If you reside in the same household with someone who has traveled to or is planning to travel to one of the five countries listed above, you must contact your manager and human resources.

Check out the flyer below for some conference call tips:

Tips For Efficient Conference Calls

Some employees will be working from home for the first time, which means figuring out how to stay on task in a new environment that may not lend itself to productivity. But there are ways to deliver results and avoid going stir-crazy, from setting up a good workspace to the way you talk to your team. Below are some quick tips for working from home effectively, and without losing your sanity:

  • Get dressed for the day
  • Set your working hours
  • Eat lunch, move around
  • Take breaks
  • Do something social, social media, etc.
  • Mentally shift home to office during those hours
  • Get rest
  • Set alarms so you don’t lose track of time

CNN Business: How to work from home without losing your sanity

Employees who may not have yet opted into our emergency text messaging can do so by following the SlickText instructions:

Simply text the word RenAlert to the number: 888111. You will then opt into our emergency notification text message group for all REN employees. Any phone can be used to receive these updates, as long as you can accept text messages.

If there are any updates regarding office hours due to weather-related emergencies or other closures, you will automatically receive a text directly to your cell phone. Note: Text message fees may apply depending on your cell phone carrier and plan.

Your Benefits during Coronavirus-19

As we all navigate a “new normal” – albeit temporarily, it’s good to be aware of benefit resources we have to draw upon. Remember to call your physician if you exhibit flu-like symptoms and are concerned. Any COVID-19 testing will be covered at 100% as a preventative test, for those who are enrolled in the medical plan, similar to a flu shot.

Telemedicine. If you are an Anthem subscriber, you can access the LiveHealth Online Video app for a video chat with a physician or nurse practitioner while at home for a $10 copay! This copay can be used for both a primary care physician or for access to mental health care, as well. To set up the LiveHealth app, you’ll need your Anthem Medical card handy. Follow the steps below:

o Download the Sydney App from either GooglePlay or Apple ITunes
o One you have downloaded Sydney, select “Menu” from the lower right corner and select “LiveHealth Online Video Chat”
o You’ll be guided through a series of questions, including setting up your email and password: Remember to select “Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield” as your benefit provider.
o Once you’re in, you can access online physicians 24×7 for a $10 copay!

· Prescriptions. If you can switch to mail order and/or a 90 day supply of prescriptions and Rx supplies, it may make sense to do so. This can be done from the Sydney app, by selecting Pharmacy under the main menu. You may be able to call your pharmacist for guidance, but
be aware that healthcare professionals are receiving an unusually high level of calls and questions at this time.
· EAP. We have an Employee Assistance Program, called Life Matters. All employees are enrolled as of their hire date. They have counselors available to talk through any crisis or concern you may be in the midst of, free of charge for the first 10 sessions. The website has many helpful articles and resources ranging from anxiety, substance abuse to COVID-19 resources.
You can access our EAP several ways:

o Website:
o Text a Therapist: Text “Hello” to 61295.
o Phone Number: 800-634-6433
Our Company Password is ENT001

Certainly reach out to HR via for any questions, or concerns. Be well as we all take things one step at a time.

Telemedicine: As a reminder, Anthem subscribers have access to a telemedicine app that allows you to talk directly to a provider from home via phone or computer. Simply download the Sydney app from Google or Apple and from the drop-down menu, select “LifeHealth Video Chat.”

Tips on staying healthy:

Facts From The CDC

CDC Coronavirus Disease Information

Keeping Your Home & Workplace Clean

We are overwhelmingly grateful and proud of our employees’ nearly immediate reaction to offer support and help amid the coronavirus outbreak. Offering support is another way employees can feel good and stay mentally healthy. Below is a list of ways everyone can help our community during this time.

  • Be a virtual volunteer. From blogging to online fundraising, you can get in touch with organizations and ways to participate in virtual volunteer projects.
  • Take supplies to a local food bank. With schools closed, children who rely on free or reduced-cost school meals are facing hunger. When you pick up survival staples for your own pantry, grab a few extra to drop off at local food bank.
  • Make an online donation. Sometimes the most simple and effective way to help is via financial donation.

It’s essential to keep your mental health in check during this time. The outbreak of the coronavirus disease may be stressful and cause anxiety for many. Fear and anxiety about a disease, managing work and keeping up can be overwhelming and cause strong emotions. Taking measures to manage these emotions will make you, the people you care about and your community stronger.

Renaissance cares about your health and well-being—physical and mental. Please do not hesitate to reach out if you are struggling. We here for you.


Managing mental health

Coping with worry

Accessing LifeMatters services

We appreciate everyone’s patience and hard work as we continue to provide a great benefits experience during unique work circumstances. Want to recognize your peers for providing a great benefits experience or helping out?

Visit Bonusly from the Radar page to recognize your peers!